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Info Support for Huawei CDMA Modem

Support for ZTE CDMA PCMCIA Card/USB Modem

HuaweiWe've been working hard to add support for ZTE CDMA data cards and modems. And now, you have more choices: MC315, MC315+ and MG880.

Depending on your country, the sending speed ranges from 1-6 seconds per sms. You can send 160 English characters or 70 Unicode characters in each SMS. We've implemented a long SMS splitting algorithm, which allows you to send thousands of characters!

CDMA network is available worldwide, for example, US, Canada, China, India, Pakistan, Thailand and Hong Kong. To find out the operator and coverage of your area, please check out CDMA Development Group web site.

A screenshot with ZTE MC315 connected (shown as Model 71):
ZTE MC315 Screenshot

Product Photos:

ZTE MC315+



MC315 & MG880 are re-branded under differenet names by some wireless operators:

India Reliance

  ZTE MG880 -> Reliance Netconnect MG880 USB Modem



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